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Moving Forward

Matthew House provides front-line help with housing crisis situations and mitigating common barriers to refugees and homeless people.  We aim at making every discharge from the shelter an organized move.Our staff help with apartment search, negotiate with landlords for better living conditions and rates. We provide furnishing, bedding, kitchenware, and concrete support to our clients at this crucial time when they transition from a shelter to independent housing. We help with the move in, using a Matthew House trucks.

Once peoples are in housing, the goal is to help families and individuals, secure and maintain stable housing, gain confidence, and acquire crucial life skills and to build capacity to live self-sufficiently.

Each year, Matthew House receives tons of furniture, appliances, clothing, kitchenware  donations from the general public, businesses, hotels and real estate agencies. All donations are passed on free of charge, saving our clients much needed finances.

Find what brings out your passion to make the world a better place!

Your donation of gently used items can help settle/resettle the most vulnerable people in our communities with dignity.

Call: 905 871 6059 for donation pick-up or drop off